• May 7: Nazi Germany surrender to the Allies and ending the World War II in Europe.
  • July 16: The US performs the first atomic bomb test in Los Alamos, New Mexico called a so-called Trinity test.
  • August 6: The Little Boy is overthrown at the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
  • August 9: The second atomic bomb, Fat Man, falls on another Japanese city of Nagasaki.
  • September 2: Japan capitulates and ending the Pacific War.
  • October 24: UN is established.
  • May: Winston Churchill submits a proposal to attack the Soviet forces in Europe. This operation bears the code name Unthinkable. The plan was presented to the US and was redesigned to defensive form. This plan included a set of countermeasures against the Soviet invasion and was named as Unstoppable. This name and the names of his sub-operations (Silver Shroud, Manta, Barbarian) have become an inspiration for the popular US comic book series many years later.


  • May: The communist party wins the parliamentary elections in Czechoslovakia. This is alarming for the Western powers who do not want let a prosperous country fall to the Eastern bloc. 


  • January: The plan for a communist coup in Czechoslovakia is revealed with the help of foreign agents and investigators. This is a tremendous blow to the Communist Party and is being considered to be abolished.
  • May: Czechoslovak Democratic Party wins the elections. The Communists proclaim the results as artificial while losing the last voters.


  • April: The Unstoppable Plan is introduced to other European countries and becomes a more open and known as the North Atlantic Treaty.


  • There are massive riots against communist party in the German Democratic Republic. The riots are aggressively suppressed. Communists begin to build a border wall to prevent the spread of Western thinking and citizens’ escapes to the West.


  • October: The East German rebellion begins.


  • After unsuccessful attempts to suppress the uprising the Soviets withdraw their army from East Germany and strengthen their position in Poland.


  • January: Germany is once again united. A massive defensive line is beginning to be built on the border with Poland for fear of Soviet counter-offensive.  


  • This year, the United States is divided into 13 commowealth communities, each involving several US states.


  • Negotiations are beginning to unite the North Atlantic Treaty States into the 14th Commonwealth. It should be attached to the United States as opposition to the Eastern Bloc.


  • May: The European Community is founded and the leading countries are England, France and Germany. However, the planned connection to the US will never happen.
  • July: The occasional riots break out in Poland due to the pressure of the neighboring western states. For fear of failure in East Germany, the Soviets are blood-fighting. A militarized zone is being created in the border and nearly half a million Poles have to leave their homes and move inland.


  • March: Soviet army begin invasion to Finland. Democratic parties are asking the European Commonwealth for help. From the fear of global conflict, military aid cannot take place and the Community only supports the Finnish defenders materially. It is not sufficient and after several months the Soviet armies occupy Helsinki and lead the Communist Party. Northern areas on the border with Sweden have not been dominateed for a long time and guerrilla movements have been defending them for more than ten years.
  • Listopad: Denmark and Sweden are requesting entry into the European Commonwealth and this is also being fulfilled a few months later.


  • Relations between the US and the European Commonwealth are getting cold. It still failed to negotiate the connection of the “fourteenth commonwealth” after long years. The US is worried about growing China and gradually limiting the number of troops in Europe.


  • The US is completing research on cold fusion and is now immediately at the cutting edge of technological progress. The development of mobile computers, robotics, and personal fusion reactors is starting over the coming years. The Golden Age begins for the United States.


  • Decades of standby in Europe have led to a drastic decline in fuel prices are rising disproportionately. Car ownership is becoming a luxury in poorer countries.
  • The European Community asks the US for help, which is committed to building three giant fusion reactors in border areas that will supply defense lines. The condition is to maintain these reactors only by US personnel. 
  • They fulfill their commitment and build underground complexes; X-27 in West Germany, X-28 in the Czech Central Highlands and X-29 near Vienna.


  • The Cold War changes its face from open and supported conflicts to arms races. All major countries are armed with as many nuclear warheads as possible to compete with their opponents.
  • China is launching its first fusion reactor. 
  • The European Community faces a global energy shortage and is unable to conduct full research.


  • There is a shortage of oil in the United States. Even though the cold fusion is widely used, oil is still a substantial part of the US market.


  • May: The Resource Wars begin. Many smaller countries face bankruptcy. The European Community is responding to the constant rise in fuel prices by war action. Commonwealth troops are attacking countries that make up the Union of the Middle East in an effort to recharge their oil fields and stop the fall of European countries.
  • The defense of Europe from the East is weakened and everyone is afraid of attacking the Soviets who have long been silent. However, the Soviets do not come because the fuel levels of their armies are almost zero and unable to launch a full-blown offensive.


  • January: Fighting in the Middle East is not going well for Europe and consumes the latest fuel reserves.
  • The launch of nuclear warheads in the Middle East is a terrifying example of a nuclear threat and launches many projects to build shelters, escape systems and missile systems around the whole world.
  • Vault-Tec’s launches Project Safehouse.


  • The US is beginning to fortify the Alaskan Oil Fields worried about being attacked by China which is facing a fuel crisis because their limited fusion reactors are far from capability to keep the country running.
  • There is also US pressure on Canada which is in favor of US troops entering its territory and defending US pipelines.


  • The war between Europe and the Middle East is over. Eight years later, European troops acquire major oil deposits in Saudi Arabia and find that they are almost exhausted. Both sides are in ruins; the Arab states are utterly decimated by the war. European Community is on the brink of all its military forces so drastically that they are unable to pull most of the troops back to Europe.
  • As a result, the European Community is falling apart into individual states. Smaller states face bankruptcy, collapse and poverty while leading states are the only ones able to maintain their integrity.


  • The United Kingdom is taking full advantage of its potential and launches the “Slipstream” project with gole to build “SS King Arthur” spacecraft to serve as an evacuation vessel in case of nuclear war. The biggest problem is the energy intensity of the whole event. So after consulting with the USA, one of their fusion reactors in Europe uses the X-28 complex. In agreement with Czechoslovakia,
  • Vault-Tec is hired to build a single Vault outside the US with number 123.
  • Due to the threat of attack by the Soviet Union, Vault 123 is conceived as a double base. Publicly known part is built near the X-28 complex and its secret detached part with hangar and ship is built up in the foothills of the Slovak Tatras. The complexes are connected by an underground tunnel equipped with a train that imports the material to the Slovak part of the building. Thanks to this sophisticated move, the existence of this part of the Vault has been completely hidden from Soviet spies.
  • The expected completion date of “SS King Arthur” is set to 2080


  • Winter: Tensions between the US and Canada are growing as the Canadian government has allowed the construction of a pipeline across its territory to Alaska. This act does not appeal to much of public mainly due to the presence of US troops in Canada. Tensions are growing between the two countries. The pipeline often becomes a sabotage target.


  • The remains of the Spanish army attack France in a hopeless situation. The attackers are overwhelmingly defeated.
  • The Soviet Union plans to attack Norway, but it is found that the Red Army has no longer enough fuel. So they try to win their favor by promising liberation of Finland and by making the Nordic coalition possible. But Norway and Sweden reject this proposal.


  • Information is leaking and the Soviet Union learns about the Slipstream project. However, they do not know the location of the hidden base.


  • Negotiations between US and other world powers end tragically. After a very turbulent debate, the US president will leave the meeting and later issue a statement stating that the world’s last known oil supply route will be used exclusively by the US and the remaining oil reserves will no longer be sold to other parties.


  • January: The US annexes Canada by military force. Mass civil protests and subsequent sabotage will hit the Alaskan pipeline more than ever before, forcing US forces to intervene.


  • January 10: The United States creates the Anchorage Front Line in an effort to conquer the capital of Alaska from a Chinese possession.
  • September 22: The first unit carrying powerarmors is sent to combat the Chinese forces.
  • October 23: The “Great War” begins. Rockets and bombs started the destruction of the world. Who hit the first is no longer known. Other countries, when they found out that the missiles had launched their own bombing plans.
  • In European countries, people had a little more time to react than they did in the US. Unfortunately they encountered a fatal lack of covers. The Soviet Union launched a bombardment sequence of strategic targets in Europe and immediately launched a second-order army march into nuclear hell. Among other things, their goal was to occupy Vault 123 and take over the “Slipstream” project, which, of course, never happened.
  • Soviet soldiers were dying of extreme radiation just outside the border. The Middle East countries have launched their nuclear weapons to Europe as a retaliation for community invasion. Most capitals have suffered direct interventions and subsequent fallout has decimated rural areas.
  • The SS King Arthur was not completed and able to fly to its rescue mission. The few functional covers were sealed and the world enveloped itself in a nuclear winter.

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