• A long period of nuclear winter begins on the Earth covering a large part of the planet.


  • The first mutations appear. Some individuals were turned into another species. New species are emerging and old ones are extinct.

2081 – 2087

  • The survivors of the Great War, who have been hit by radiation and viruses turn into hideous mutated creatures that later become known as ghouls.


  • This year, shelters are being opened in most Western European countries which have a system of anti-nuclear protection based on the same model; opening after 20 years.
  • Shelters are opened in the capital cities of the Western powers in Europe. First residents are leaving shelters. They soon become Renovators and set up small settlements on the outskirts of large cities.
  • The Renovators Faction has been created (2097-2155)

They were first!

First after the War. 
They saw the consequences of what most of them were witnesses. The Great War left a deep wound in the hearts of those who survived. The horror of the extinction of the human race has settled in their hearts.

Driven by fear and desire to renew the destroyed world, they began to renovate it. The first Renovators appeared in Switzerland. The anti-nuclear shelter system was one of the most advanced in Europe, making possible to save most of the population there.

The Swiss were always very innovative and about twenty years after the bombs fell, they set off on a new world. The rescue stations were born, one by one, in the ruins of pre-war European cities.

The first communities here were created by those who went to these places to seek rescue and a new life. Over time, there has been a need for treatment for an increasing number of patients and those who have been stuck in a blaze or burning house. Within the Renovators, a section of Paramedics and Fire Breathers was established.

Over time, some people became raiders, and there was a need to defend themselves against another people. Unfortunately.

Today, in 2307, the Renovators are no longer exist. It was a community of its time, and it was created mainly by the will of self-preservation, when people were glad to get together. It was a community of its time, and it was created mainly by the will of self-preservation, when it was clear to people that they needed to unite.

The idea of Renovators now lives only in the minds of a few wise people, but most of the world knows nothing about them. Occasionally, some of their signs can be found on the walls of the buildings, or someone will find old diary.

Today’s people are different than those who lived two hundred years ago. The last Renovators have disappeared from the world at a time when Avalon was born in the West, taking over as a defender of civilized ideals. Some people also think that Renovators founded the Goodwaters.

True will remain hidden forever.

Renovators’ signs are just a mute witnesses of the last man’s campaign for humanity….


  • In 2098, a two thousand survivors from uninhabitable Berlin arrive in Dresden. This giant caravan stopped for a few days in Dresden where camped in a well-preserved shopping mall. After some time, some of the expedition members did not want to go on so they decided to establish a permanent community here – New Dresden.
  • The rest of the expedition amounting to about 1,000 individuals set off southwards to Prague where the country is not as irradiated as in Germany. Together with England was among the most bombed countries in Europe.
  • After leaving the bunkers in 2098, the inhabitants of Notre Dame established a small settlement here. The community was looking for everything in the ruins of the cities that could be used.
  • Remnants of the French army that retreated to the Itacourt hotel resort  soon became raiders. These very dangerous people have taken aim to plunder the nearby Reims community.


  • Around 800 refugees from Germany arrive in Prague from the north to meet the surviving Czechs.
  • However, after initial disagreements both sides will be able to find a compromise and set up New Prague which was not one of few European cities directly hit by bombs. They settle in Prague Castle and use its natural defensive position.
  • In 2099 a part of the caravan from Berlin disconnected on its way to Prague and focused on Mladá Boleslav where they occupied automobile races and created the industrial community of the Steel City.


  • In the southeast of Europe, news of a thriving community is spreading and starving individuals from distant surroundings looking for safety and security in the town of Metković, .
  • A warm attitude from the local leader to the new arrivals over time stops the frequent corp night plundering.
  • Traders who travel long distances to exchange their goods for food arrive at the city at regular intervals.


  • The New French Legion (NFL) establishes a closed city in North Lyon, where a large hospital is located, which the army consolidates and repairs. It works around 2101 and then serves Renovators to help with the treatment.


  • The Metković community is starting to prosper and some of the merchants coming from east of Balkans bring oil to exchange. As a result, an exploratory campaign is being conducted into the inhospitable Pannonian Basin. Damaged oil well is revealed. At the end of the year it is fortified and first caravans are being sent to Metković through the Dinaric Mountains.
  • This route is called the Black Road.
  • Kingstown is founded by Edvard I. “The Unifier”, which is also the largest settlement in the former Great Britain. The royal family and descendants of the original founders inhabit the preserved ruins of Windsor Castle and an adjacent settlement with a dock in the Thames Delta.


  • Remnants of American, German and French troops withdrew to Tulln. Over time, they occupied the X29 complex which became an important source of energy. Thanks to him, a society based on european ideals and military morals began to be born in Tulln. The Last Stand has been founded and was supposed to be the last place where pre-War values work.
  • In 2103, former Viennese historian and adventurer Hannes Kohl set out from the Last Stand with a 60-member expedition to the Tatras where he wanted the lost Vault 123. He only had general information about where the vault should lie. But he never found the Vault and then left expedition.
  • His followers stayed and searched for a vault. A permanent settlement began to emerge from the camp. After a few years, the local people was starting to call this place according the good and clean water from near mountains.  This settlement will be known as Goodwaters in the future.


  • The Renovators set up New Zurich as first from so-called Captive Cities to provide medical assistance and protection to survivors.
  • The ruins of Ostrava are a popular destination for scavenger caravans after the War. The stores of local smelters offered almost inexhaustible supplies of quality steel.


  • The Renovators set up New Bern as the second Captive city.
  • The Fort Spilberk community is founded (2105)

In 2105, a group of local survivors settled in the medieval fortress towering above the ruins of the pre-War Brno. Over the years, they have repaired and improved its defense systems. Closed inside, they lived an isolated life and as descendants of college students they dedicated their lives to archiving knowledge and local dialect.

This caught the attention of Brotherhood of Steel. It is rumored that Brotherhood scribes did not find common speech with defenders because the fortress crew spoke an unknown form of pre-war Czech dialect. All attempts to take over by diplomacy and force have been playfully repelled.


  • The Renovators establish New Geneva as the third Captive City.


  • In the former Soviet countries and its satellites, the latest European nuclear shelters are beginning to open. The USSR shelters had an abandonment period set on 10 years later and everything was organized and united. These first people went to cities like Moscow, Kiev or St. Petersburg and started to build small communities based on the ideology of communism.


  • Disturbing rumors are spreading from the Balkans, when several caravans disappeared without a trace.
  • A large group of armed men are sent to carried out to protect caravans and the Black Road.
  • A very strong gang called Varljiva Nada appeared in the eastern foothills of the Dinar Mountains. Metkovic hegemon will decide to rebuild the outer fortification into a more massive one.
  • This fortification is built from concrete panels and a network of iron fences, ditches and a number of shooting positions along with watchtowers.
  • Renovators set up Southern Lyon in France as their fourth Catch City.


  • Renovators set up the City of Sonnenberg which became the most populous in Europe because the capacity of the Sonnenberg tunnel was planned for 15,000 inhabitants.
  • The city under the tunnel became the home of new settlers who established a community here that serves as the Great Rescue City led by the Renovators.


  • Čáslav town became the seat of the survived Czechoslovak Army troops. As one of few, they had a functional helicopter and several armored vehicles. Thanks to this, they were able to occupy the pre-War fusion power plant X28 in Czechoslovakia.
  • In the same year, the Čáslavská Road was built linking Časlav with the base called Wolf’s Den.
  • Wolf´s Den is founded (2110-2245)

Once a guy came to town. He was a beggar like many others. He walked to the gate, sat down and pulled out the flute. He began to play. The wolf emerged from the bushes soon and listened to the whistle. Then came another of his kind and after him another and more…

Finally, the whole pack sat around the guy and listen his song. When guy finished the wolves went with him and since this time have served him. The guy used them to survive in the wasteland until one day he died and his pack thirty days and thirty nights went out in grief. When man died the wolves desided to die either. From that time is this place called as Wolf’s Den.

But this is just a colorful legend. Yes, it is known that some guy came to this palce a many years ago. Probably he was a soldier. The flute was to be a radio. He called reinforcements with it. It was possible to find many remains of former CSR army in streets. Some elders mentioned that Wolf´s Den is name more that 150 years old. How a time passed that former soldiers became a prospectors, merchants and travelers which formed Wolf´s Den.

But there were many military facilities with which no one could work. The potential could not be used until 2214 when the Fronta attempted to occupy the city. However, the city survived and for the next twenty years the inhabitants lived in peace. 
The turning point came in 2239 when the Wolf’s Den was plundered by the soldiers of Vise za vas.

The shine of the city was lost in 2245 and majority of Den was replaced by new Colony 123.


  • Around X28 (Žďárské vrchy) there are military camps in the towns of Hlinsko, Žďár, Chotěboř, Chrudim, Polička.


  • The Wrocław mobile city is established. Before the War, there was the Soviet Army’s headquarters and unit of troops that had not been destroyed by some miracle.
  • Relatively large reserves of fuel and machinery remained around the Wrocław. This gave rise to several motorized communities called Circuits. These were, if necessary, connected and traveled through the wastes mainly in the areas of southern Poland and eastern Germany. Although this particular phenomenon is called as moving city. It was essentially a cluster of several caravans.


  • In 2114, a small independent community was established in The Hague.
  • Surviving Czechoslovakia soldiers from Dobříš air base come to the surface They settle a settlement called Clondike according to pre-War western literature.


  • The Liverpool-Manchester Trade Union was founded.


  • This year, the East German fusion reactor X27 is occupied by remnants of US Army from Rammstein base along with scientists from the Grossberg Research Center. Within two years, the power plant is operational at 8% of its original capacity which is enough to supply the adjacent city. It´s the only one in Europe to have a pernament electricity. In 2120 the Grafenheinfeld was renamed the New Garden of Eden.


  • Some residents disagree with steady electrification of Metkovic and they leave to the Southeastern wasteland (former Bosnia) where they set up Gacko.

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