• Renovator towns are settled by survivors from British Isles and begin to bring their folkloric about King Arthur to continental Europe. Many of these people regard the legend as a new faith.
  • Avalon is founded (2129-2256)

It was gradually created by combining the efforts of many Renovators and survivors of the British Isles. After the War, they left their homeland and brought their folklore to continental Europe.

It is said that English history began with the arrival of the Romans. Others say that history began from King Arthur. As it was, in fact, no one knows.

In the west of Europe, between the years 2138-2150, the first organized society based on western ideals and to some extent the glorifying times of feudalism began to emerge. Importantly, based on these old English legends.

At first it was just chaos. Renovators tried to give order first, and then Avalon after them in the west. It was just another stage of a society that is slowly getting up on its feet and starting to look for some ideals and symbols. Although there were many pre-War ideals in Europe, residents have resurrected the idea of Avalon as a mythical place outside the earth. This Avalon was thought to be a place where living conditions are right. Meaning was live not survive. It was their main motive and goal.

Later, Avalon began expanding to Central Europe, where so-called sectors were established in the ruins of cities. Each sector acted as a separate city. The easternmost sector of Avalon was the one with a serial number of 21 and lay in places that later became known as the Valley. At this point, Avalon also met the Fronta for the first time.

It´s native enemy for future times.

Avalon vanishes around around 2256 when it collapsed due to the growing influence of the Brotherhood of Steel.


  • In Ukraine, the first settlements composed with politicians and military officers are formed. The first big militarized city is in Kiev.
  • Frontab is founded (2130-2242)

On the territory of the former Ukraine sometime around 2130, a new community began to form from first survivors. However, in the last few days, comrades thought little of the ordinary people and hid themselves in their government bunkers together with many soldiers.

The foundation of a new branch of the USSR, later called the Fronta, were estabilisthed. This name have to symbolize the first line of defense against western ideology. The new ideology was called Neo-Communism in the most variegated form. Even though the world was cruel after the War, the Brigade units with the newly appointed NKVD commisars supported a strong flavor of Orwellian dystopia.

The Fronta´s HQ were established in Kiev, Minsk, Uzhgorod and Wroclaw. Just as the Avalon ruled in the west, the Fronta commanded in the east. The world began return slowly to the per-War manners.

Sometime around 2215, Avalon and Fronta clashed in bloody battles in the area called the Valley, where the thriving community lived under the rule of Avalon. They felt a chance to get out of the clutches of the occupiers, and declared their own small state, but not for long time.

After weeks of hard fighting, Avalon managed to push the Fronta out of the Valley to far east. Since then, the Brigade units have resorted to the guerilla war.

The Fronta vanishes somewhere between 2238-2242. The reports and rumors from the east said somthing about class struggles, local revolts, and the attacks of supermutants from the north.


  • Luxembourg is founded as the capital of continental Avalon.


  • Thanks to soldiers and the X28 power plant, Žďárské vrchy became a safe place. Thanks to the energy that was possible to supply large cities in area with electricity. These cities were inhabited by CSA troops and it´s families. The region became known as the Valley. In 2138 it is possible to observe the first greenery in contrast to the surrounding wastelands.


  • Kingstown is under Avalonian administration. The Royal Family, however, maintains some autonomy and can thus continue to rule with the Democrats in the mainland.
  • In Metkovič, the electricity supplies are agreed under very unfavorable conditions. The high voltage between Gacko and Metković is starting to be operational. But this state is not progressing as fast as it is needed.
  • Metković is renamed to New Alexandria, thanks to street speeches by prominent street preacher Mak Dzidar.


  • The New Hague passes under the authority of Avalon


  • Gacko requests access to Metković archives. This request is rejected.
  • In retaliation for this reluctance, Gacko disconnects the electricity for three months.
  • After this time they were given access to the city archives.
  • The position of a leader who was previously considered as weak is getting worse and voices calling for his replacement.


  • Metković is compared to ancient Alexandria, because the secrets of pre-War archives hiding in archives – allegedly all world knowledge.
  • Leo Kravljač, an ambitious young man looking for power, takes up this idea. He is surrounded by a group of people he tried to convince of their superiority and noble origin. These followers will later become the New Alexandrian Oligarchs.
  • New Alexandria is founded (2146)

Despite the fact that the Socialist Yugoslavia did not, in 2077, withdrew into the nothingness and destruction of the released nuclear fire with the other states of Europe no one and nothing could reverse the advent of long winter and darkness after the flames of burning cities and forests faded and the sun was choked by ascending ashes.

It is said that somewhere in those dark days there was a man who broke the shell of the phoenix’s egg. He gathered the few survivors of the great southern nation and led him into the delta of Neretva river – to the city of Metkovic. The land of the new beginning.

If those who claim to have witnessed the miracles of the place can be trusted they talk about a town surrounded by a smooth wall with fortified houses rised up. 
They talked about the vast palaces of the Alexandrian gods are exposed with magic and old knowledge.

Many pilgrims and merchants have told the stories about forbidden Archive containing all the knowledge of the world and about the races of machines and warriors at the Iza Vega amphitheater or the world’s largest slave market called Merkator. Tens of thousands of green fields and orchards irrigated by a sophisticated network of locks and channels are almost neglected by these narrators.

No one knows exactly when New Alexandria was born and everything that concerns it seems to be shrouded in myths and ingenious delusion.

There are only two things that are certain in 2307.

The fact that the mysterious hegemon almost completely satisfies his desires, needs and interests through the mediators who serve him. Another is his hunger for knowledge and resources is boundless and gaze seems to be stuck north.


  • The Novoalexandrian army leads a second attack on fortified Gacko and city is conquered after one hour. Most living areas are on fire. However, the power plant is undamaged and due to its rapid occupation, its operators have not been able to commit extensive system damage. The Gacko survivors are captured and sent to New Alexandria.


  • Full electrification for Metkovic is renewed.


  • The first post-war university is founded in Avalon.
  • The Fronta extends further to east and strengthens its power through brutal dictatorship.


  • A new trading company appears in New Alexandria, offering regular supplies of brown coal to Gacko.
  • A mutually beneficial agreement is made when fuel flows into Gacko and reward is payment in water, food and equipment.
  • In just a few months, this company will become known as the Rhododendron Guild.


  • Fronta soldiers first encounter with New Alexandria troops have launched violent interventions against this country, but so far at the edge of its territory.


  • Avalon expands into Central Europe where finds many factories, resources, materials and weapons it uses to advantage.


  • Railroad Society is being established in Avalon, building on the scientific tradition of Swiss CERN.
  • The Valley becomes the jewel of the East from the viewpoint of the Avalon inhabitants and they perceive it as the last outpost of civilized world beyond which lies an inhospitable wasteland.


  • Railroad Society launches the Clean Village Project which aims to decontaminate two selected populated cities from mutation and irradiate the soil.


  • The Front is leading a greater armed conflict with New Alexandria. But Alexandria is more advanced and defeats Fronta which drives out to it´s territory
  • Fronta focuses its efforts more on Avalon.
  • Avalon occupies Prague, but leaves the rulers autonomy.


  • The Clean Village project is totally out of control. Antivirus, which was gradually released into the soil and air around the cities caused an unpredictable mutation. People went crazy and began to massacre each other. This cast a very dark shadow on the Railroad.


  • Fronta notices the Avalon presence and decides to launch mobilization with goal to subdue the Central Europe.
  • In the same year, the Fronta soldiers clash with the Avalonians and a five-year bloody conflict called the Red Raid begins.


  • Avalon loses Prague which becomes the farthest outpost of the Fronta until 2195, when it is once again liberated.
  • The Valley is spared the military conflict due to its commercial influence and serves as a base for Fronta units.


  • Merovingians appears in Goodwaters to be one of the most powerful factions in the region. They significantly help the city’s inhabitants to develop their community.


  • The five-year Red Raid ends and the lives of many continent’s inhabitants are lost.
  • The new Alexandria noticed this conflict and start occupied part of northern Balkans, which had previously been owned by the Fronta.


  • The Valley is under Avalon’s domination thanks to radionite reserves.
  • Man called Charon gains additional members for his plan to control the wastes around the Valley.


  • The Charon’s invaders attacks are escalating in wastelands and drug trafficking is growing.
  • New Alexandria has agents in the Valley who are gradually introducing slavery practices and spreading their influence.


  • Vault 123-1 opens in Sector 21 which is the distant eastern base of Avalon. Vault dwellers are included among the locals.
  • Fronta completes the Sputnik program. It´s about to launch a rocket into Sector 21 with goal to testing its destructive qualities as well as the drive for further research.
  • Vault 123-1 will also be destroyed under unknown circumstances.
  • Charon’s invaders formed into a gang called Dead Dogs and settled near Sector 21. Later they acquire G.E.C.K. from vault 123-1 and to Charon’s order a part of gang travels to Trieste.


  • This year, the Brotherhood of Steel also appears in the Valley which is being sought by G.E.C.K.
  • The Avalon Army sends a contingent of troops to the Valley to defend Avalon interests.
  • Fronta fires one of underground rockets inside the X28 in an effort to get its people to their knees – unsuccessfully.
  • There was also a so-called Three-Day War when the Valley will try to get rid of Avalon’s domination and Fronta will join the conflict. The series of battles won Avalon and retain its power in Valley.


  • The Avalon Army introduces so-called Partial Demilitarization which is a ban on possessing long and heavy weapons and anyone who wants to have them must obtain a permit.
  • Mysterious robots are attacking the Valley. They come from X28 complex and they are product of so-called Offspring faction. The Offsprings are the followers of the original X28 scientists.
  • Due to the growing unpopularity of the Avalon troops in the Valley, they are expelled by the local population.
  • Dead Dogs settle in Trieste and repair the unspoiled tanker in an effort to reach Sardinia where they want to use G.E.C.K.


  • One of the many entrances to the X28 complex appears at the Wolf’s Lair thanks to the landslide.
  • Merovingians wants X28 under their rule but no one dares to resist the Brotherhood of Steel. Finally, there is a mutual agreement.

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