• Charon leaves the Valley with entire Dead Dogs clan and moves to Goodwaters where is another technology that the gang needs to resettlement Sardinia and Trieste.


  • Fronta takes over Ostrava steelworks and tries to put the furnaces back into operation as part of the tank army construction plan. But this is accompanied by constant complications and sabotage from local residents.


  • The Ark is founded (2222)

Sometime around 2222 a quite big community had began to emerge in the Mediterranean consisting mainly of Central European raiders who had arrived here on a repaired tanker from Trieste.

Just as ancient Greeks once did in the post-war period the Ark became a place where its idea began to spread, as a new civilized nation.

Over time, the Arkbegan to conquer the port cities of the Mediterranean, mainly in the west. The first island colonies under their control were the islands of Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza, followed by Barcelona, Gibraltar, Tunis, Malta and Naples.

Their slightly harsh cultural tradition has begun to crumble in recent years. The first sages, apostles and priests appeared, turning people in captivating cities to faith in the Ark with their sermons.

But the Ark´s conqueror spirit remained, however, it seems that there are the doubts and different views of what has been considered as canon – it means the actions of the founding members of the Dead Dogs clan.

So they began to turn to the roots.


  • There is an increasing frequency of supermutants occurring in the northeastern regions of Europe beginning to operate in an organized manners and allegedly following the orders of some commander whom they simply call the “Master.”
  • Nobody knows what they’re talking about but some of them have gone of their will and want to look for a cure to neutralize the terrible mutations caused by the effects of the FEV. But those who serve the Master are mostly hostile and often eat or enslave their victims.

2230 – 2240

  • Winter came a few months earlier than usual and was stiff. All crops being destroyed.
  • In next few years, it is not possible to produce enough food and famine starts in most places in Europe.
  • There are voices calling for the Renovators to return.
  • There’s 10 years of hardship.
  • This period is called the Great Winter


  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes the Outpost Bernkastel
  • Rumors of a prosperous community somewhere in the Mediterranean are beginning to come from southern Europe. It is rumored that they survived the Great Winter thanks to the pre-War technology.


  • There is an open community of ghouls in the crater of the pre-War town of Vyškov which has been a haven for generations of racially oppressed ghouls who have traveled from a wide area.
  • The strong residual radiation prevents the “smooth skins” entry and the ghouls live here in a peaceful life.
  • They also found a break-through to a buried railway tunnel at the bottom of the crater in which they probably built the largest Atom temple in Central Europe.


  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes the Outpost Röthlein


  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes the Outpost Michendorf


  • Voices in the Fronta and Avalon are calling for change.
  • The long period of their rule in Europe is slowly coming to an end and the old structures are beginning to collapse. This is due to the Great Winter when neither state was able to provide its inhabitants with enough resources as a result of more than half of Europe’s population dieed from cold, hunger or local conflicts.
  • Avalon and Fronta disappear simultaneously between 2242 and 2258.
  • The Wolf’s Den is subject of occupation from New Alexandria side which has been kept for only one year and is then pushed away by the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • These lands become economically unstable and disadvantageous for Alexandria shifting it´s attention to the area around Goodwaters.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes the Outpost Zurich.


  • After a Great winter, there is a period of technology rush when each larger or smaller group craving to gain pre-War technology.
  • Small communities have started to be born looking for any technology that would help them gain superiority over their rivals. But this was only one of the consequences of the Great Winter.
  • After the demise of Avalon and the Fronta a new communities are born in Europe.
  • The Empire of Novogdansk is established. A small urban state in the north Poland based on the principles of belief in machines combined with a policy of feudalism where the ruler is titled as a Tsar.


  • The Novogdansk troops met with supermutants for the first time and they are only ones who feel their strength for years.


  • This year, Castrum was created: An important pre-War railway junction Nové Zámky became the seat of a small community. It fortified the local railway junction and built several primitive steam locomotives, based on the old plan in the railway archives.
  • As the train in the former Czechoslovakia were relatively well-preserved, the inhabitants of Castrum became a relatively rich. Thanks to the Castrum – Oasis – Merovingians railway link a trade and development could flourish in the area.


  • A man named Sayco Second establishes Colony 123 in an alliance with the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes own autonomy for access to the X28 in the Valley. Once destroyed plant was repaired and put into operation making Colony 123 very important and the center of business.
  • Brock Barracks in estabilished. A settlement that was originally formed by British soldiers in Brock barracks after the War. Today, the settlement lives its own life and is an important trading station on way to Kingstown.


  • The Slovak Paradise Nature Reserve has remained almost unchanged after the Great Winter. Trees fell and grew again. Most of Europe turned into a cemetery of dead trees and steel structures but the Slovak Paradise seemed to resist this destruction. There is still no permanent settlement here but people are known to live here. But they live in absolute harmony with nature and avoid any technical achievements.


  • The former dendrological arboretum of the Technical University in Zvolen became a hatchery of new mutated species. The areas around Zvolen are uninhabited and there are no caravans. Local fauna and flora is very lively and unique even after the Great Winter. Here we can find mutated creatures that are nowhere else in Europe.


  • The Steel Brotherhood establishes the Outpost Tulln near X29.


  • The Merovingians set up a fortified mansion in town of Martin and brings water traders into Goodwaters to become rulers of the city for the next decades. So they commission a woman named Daniella to be the first mayor under their shadow leadership.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel establishes the Outpost Hlinsko.
  • Supermutants arrive in Ostrava after demise of Fronta and set up one of their flagship camps there. From here, the war expeditions continue to Colony 123 and Goodwaters.


  • In England, Benson Airfield is set up from original scavenger camp seeking food and military equipment in the ruins of RAF. This developed into a functioning trading post.


  • The ECCO footwear complex in Martin was taken by Merovingians. In 2260, there is a renewed factory. But this time not just for making shoes. Indeed, the Merovingians have established their own clothing industry so they are the only ones who have relatively “clean and new” clothing. In the future ECCO leather trim becomes a symbol of the best quality in terms of protection against wasteland.


  • Buried City is established. This giant parking lot at Prague Airport has gradually become one of two major post-war housing estates after the collapse of New Prague.
  • People reconstructed aircraft interiors and terminals to their own image. Built walls from cut wings and made the airport a relatively safe place in an inhospitable wasteland.
  • Over time, so much scrap material had been piled up that housing estate had fallen into itself. He has since been called the Buried City.


  • In 2009, a lime tree of confluence of the world was planted in front of the town hall in Dolní Kubín (Linden) which was flooded with water from seas, rivers and lakes. It is very strange that this tradition continued even after the War when a few of its indigenous people returned to Kubín and established a religious-business community around pine tree. They are doing business with Goodwaters and others.
  • Linden’s main market commodity is the so-called eternal oil. A mixture of herbs and chemicals that ensures long burning which is very welcome.


  • There are some references to settlement called Gingerbread City.
  • Tthe city of Pardubice was famous for the chemical industry and this fate remained at the time of its resettlement. The city is dominated by mafia gangs, competing for power, exploiting the local population and selling addictive substances to caravans.
  • The name of city refers to the pre-War production of sweets, as well as to the post-War production of narcotics so-called “Gingerbread”.


  • Around 2100 after creation of New Prague and the attempt to resettlement the Castle and adjacent neighborhoods the ugly mutations and illnesses from radiation began to appear.
  • The less intelligent individuals thought it would solve these problems by not exposing to sunlight. Over time, they decided to stay in old subway tunnels and never climb on surface. The others laughed at the idea and began to call these people as “Moles”. They lived for decades in seclusion.
  • In 2269, the Mole Hole settlement appears in the center of the underground prague subwa. It eceives visitors from the surface to trade and share informations. No one knows how many Moles actually live in the tunnels as well as where their underground empire reaches and whether they are even able to ascend after generations of separation.


  • A community rejecting modern technology is being created at the Solivar in eastern Slovakia. In 2271, newcomers repaired old machines from local technical museum and established a settlement here. Salt extraction was no longer main source of livelihood.


  • In the old Zobor radio tower above the city of Nitra, a small community is established which has repaired pre-War radio transmitters to broadcast own broadcasts. The occasional eastern accent of announcers reveals the possible origin from east.
  • The site is known as the Pyramid today and is only announcer of pre-War music in whole region.


  • Since 2280, it has been said that supermutants even brought FEV virus vats to Ostrava and build a powerful army from captured slaves. But they are probably just superstitions.
  • So-called First Invasion of supermutant hordes begin.

Previously, people had been whispering that ominous forces were beginning to form in ruins of Ostrava but no one wanted to listen.

In the spring of this year, a huge army of supermutants invaded Goodwaters and began looting the surrounding area.

It was like the second apocalypse. It was teeming with creatures of all shapes and colors everywhere.

The first invasion ends in 2282.


  • The last of Circuits in Wroclaw losses the battle against supermutants and only a few of last nomads are still wandering through the wastelands. Superstitions come from region of southwestern Poland to see motorized mutants units which seem to most nonsense to most people. Since this phenomenon has not been observed anywhere else.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel asks Kingstown for reinforcements in fighting in the Valley.


  • The Daidalos airship came from Kingstown led by Frederik Maxson, brother of Arthur Maxson. This is a spectacular spectacle for most wasteland inhabitans. Wasteland around Goodwaters become the scene of a great battle.
  • The supermutant army is defeated and pushed back to north of Poland. Daidalos will temporarily become the Brotherhood HQ in this area. The Brotherhood of Steel establishes Far Away Outpost near Goodwaters as the easternmost base of the Order in Europe.


  • Water traders occupy the area around the Trnava Water Reservoir this year which has established a trading station known as the Oasis. They even made a water purifier here so it was still possible to produce this commodity.
  • The site has become a fortified station that water supplies traveled to remote areas such as Goodwaters where water traders used to reside.


  • The Brotherhood of Steel is once again in full force so Daidalos is returning to Kingstown.


  • Baron Town is founded (2286)

In 2286, in Povážská Bystrica, a military commander took control over the local community, who soon got nickname The Blood Baron. The city was later renamed as Baron Town.

From 2306 a panic will begin to spread in a region that includes Goodwaters. Blood baron is known for his hatred of Merovinfians, who wants to humiliate their factory in Martin. He also want to get Goodwaters into the sphere of influence and other settlements.

From this year the Blood Baron´s growing political and military influence  is reported from the west. The Merovingians are nervous.


  • A caravan comes to the Goodwaters from eastern wastes. They all speak Russian bringing a pile of ammunition and weapons. This large caravan has established a camp where it is still found today.
  • In 2293 they changed their name to Russian Economic Society and since then they have been the main suppliers of arms and ammunition for entire region.


  • It is said that vast complex of bunkers in the north of Poland from the WWII has long been the seat of the mysterious Master of Supermutants. It was not possible to verifty these gossips untill 2292 when explorers from Novogdańsk managed to escape from capture from supermutant base. The superstitions about this place are true but there is still general doubt.


  • Twelve years after the First Invasion, these creatures reappear near Goodwaters. The Brotherhood again calls Kingtsown for help but the request is not confirmed. Nobody knows why. Frederick Maxson died this year and Order held grief and at the time of call for help, the British Chapter were without a unified leadership.
  • So-called Second Invasion of supermutant hordes begin.

It was much weaker and had not had such catastrophic effects as the first invasion but in terms of cruelty it surpassed a thousand times. The supermutants once again plowed through the counties in great bands and not only travelers but even the entire settlements had to be wary.

The inhabitants were ready this time and with Brotherhood of Steel they fought the guerrilla war for the next three years until number of enemies was reduced to a minimum.


  • Leguan founds the Junkyard near Goodwaters.


  • Caravans traveling across Europe bring rumors of growing danger from gang called Revenants.

Some people might think that this is just a tale for scaring young children but the opposite is true. Once upon a time, there was a man who has suffered by terribly injustice. No one knows what was the true reason but it was so strong the he started to surround with same people as himself and start doing what he later called the Crusade.

This term has become an engine that drives them to pursue revenge. And who does this revenge belong to? To the whole of society, for rejecting while each of them has their own personal reasons. This is the link that holds their entire community together. Now their leader’s ambitions seem to go much further than the ordinary revenge.

There are others who do not like Merovingians because they say they created Revenants. These raiders are not ordinary because they frighten not only the raid but also by their fanaticism.    


  • There is a small Brotherhood of Steel unit located at Nitra Castle. The Order establishes friendly contacts with Zobor radio tower who call themselves Pyramid. Thanks to this alliance they gain links with Kingtown and Far Away Outpost.

Continue to 2300 – 2307.