• Krakow is probably the farthest point where expeditions have been able to get from south since 2292. According to reports, the concentration of mutants around the city was extreme. One of the flag bases could be expected here.


  • The FEV epidemic rages in wasteland and rumors are said that cure could be in the 123-2 vault. There were a few people in but they found nothing interesting except their own death.
  • Battle of Goodwaters begins.

There was a culmination of efforts to find a cure for new FEV generation. The residents of Goodwaters fought together with the Brotherhood of Steel against the Supermutants who allied with raiding gangs.

The Goodwaters people won the Battle of Goodwaters but the city got a big hit when two behemoths got into hub and smashed many houses with entire palisade in their madness. Despite the fact that proud defenders eventually destroyed them, the Goodwaters fortifications were gone causing a mass exodus in the coming years. People no longer wanted to live in a ruined city and instead of trying to restore the old Goodwaters they chose a simpler way of escaping to nearby settlements; Oases, Castrum or Solivar.

But Goodwaters were not left empty. New people came after the old ones left. The city got a completely different look than it had before the battle. It has become more raw and harsh, which makes others less comfortable.


  • The Junkyard is officially declared as kingdom of Šmeliště (Kingdom of Mocking) and Leguan I. is it first king.
  • In the town of New Sadec, several different explorers have observed the presence of supermutant units which have a masking by camoflage technology. The Brotherhood of Steel has confirmed the presence of these units in the United States where it is called Nightkin. Nobody knows what they create in this area and how they got there.
  • From this year onwards, the region which includes the Goodwaters, has begun to spread panic out of what’s next becaue Blood baron reveals his plans to conquer the Merovingians. He wants to humiliate and appropriate their factory in Martin and get Goodwaters and other settlements into his sphere of influence. From this year onwards, the growing political and military influence of Blood Baron is reported from the west.

2307 (actual year)

  • It is rumored that Castrum suffers from the sabotage of traffic routes to Oasis and beginning to delay deliveries.
  • It is rumored that the beasts from Pine Hill start to migrate northwards to Goodwaters which may increase the danger. One guy said the animals were frightened but nobody knows why. So it is possible that unseen creatures will appear in the north.
  • Pyramid radio has not been broadcast for the last few months. The most recent reports spoke the increased presence of supermutants  in region.