Fallout LARP is inspired by the Fallout computer game world. We strive to achieve realistic expression of the Fallout world, so that the overall impression is as close to the PC game as possible.

Players have the opportunity to create their own character with it’s past and personal stories. In addition to the main story lines, you’ll encounter some side stories and quests  directly tailored for each faction. However, do not expect epic hero quests to save the world. In the dystopic world of Fallout, you will struggle to survive, experience deprivation or explore pre-war artefacts… With a lot of dark humour

Fallout LARP is not 100% survival game, but it’s still very demanding game that faithfully  recreates the gloomy atmosphere of dystopic world.

Players have almost absolute freedom of action, as well as space for inventiveness and social abilities. It is vital to remember that a good assessment of the situation, possibilities, rewards, and risks is absolutely necessary for the survival of your character.

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