The Company

When a society becomes organised and it’s no longer worth it to solve problems by costly wars, then it’s the time for a smiling woman or man to appear and grand somebody a so-called „death wish“.

Nobody knows how to join them or how many of them there are, but everybody knows that even though members of The Company are mortal, if you’re trying to kill them, there are always more of them coming out of nowhere and the attack doesn’t end well.

There are gossips, that the members of The Company are, in fact, part of a cult that celebrates the death itself. These are probably just legends and they are just one of many mafia groups which profit from death and gradually destroyed and swallowed every other group. Or are they some older mafia groups who just adopted a different name and ways? One can only speculate.

The origins and deeper motivation of the bosses of The Company are in shadows, together with their members. What is not in the shadows, on the other hand, are the bloody results of their work. Not even the killers know for whom they work, so it is impossible to track who ordered the dirty job. But the attacked side can also hire The Company in order to weaken the enemy.

What is it about?

Your character is so called sleeping agent, who was once without a penny and, for a big lump of money,  signed a contract with a stranger. The only condition was, that you have to do a little job for The Company at some point, if not, there will be consequences,

You will get payed for the job, but it’s only up to you how you deal with it.

If you want to become a member of The Company, please check this option in the registration form.

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