The Fallout larp is set in the vintage dystopian world of Fallout. We expect all participants to have costumes based on this genre.

We prefer dirty, stained, ruined, sculpted, stitched together, falling apart sort of costume with a few disparate or painted pieces. The more you are inspired by the universe of Fallout, the better.

Keep in mind which faction are you joining, so you can base your costume on it. Please use this guide to help you out.  

We hope you’ll put the effort into making your costume as we put into preparing this  LARP. Together we can create an authentic atmosphere and good experience.

Basics of the costume

Costume design is very important in The Fallout LARP. High quality costumes, based on the computer games, can enhance the experience, so you can actually feel like you’re in the Fallout universe.

Try to match your costume with your social status – the leader of the gang has to have a different costume than the lonely wanderer in the wasteland.

If you have played the Fallout PC game, you might want to create wasteland gear or protect yourself with some armor. Please bear in mind that such equiptment is heavy, limits your movement and it’s exhausting to carry. Moreover, the fight is just one part of the larp, most of the game will be set in the city or settlements.


Good basic style of the costume can be jeans, checkered shirt and leather jacket.

50´s rock’n’roll Elvis Presley style, Rockabilly, 60´s Jazz and Blues or Cowboy styles are very welcome.

This basic costume should be enriched by modification suitable for post war life (straps, bags, studs, etc…) and worn out (frayed sleeves, patches, dirt, rust, holes, clothes sewn from multiple pieces, etc…)


Tribal style

Tribal is a combination of indigenous cultures with postwar elements. This style is based on a minimum of clothing, or is largely made of natural materials with metallic accessories.


It can be small accesorise, set of decorations, mask or the whole costume.

It can be PC game inspired weapon, part of the armor (eg. combat armor) or elements of other costumes like Pip-boy.

Good superstructure doesn’t have to be complicated, when people recognise it, it’s good enough.

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