The Deathclaw is, for some inhabitants of the wasteland, a mythic creature. Whether he’s celebrated or hunted for trophies, he is an object of fascination. Some of them never saw him but made him their god and worship him. The worshipers usually come from tribal communities rather than from cities. The Deathclaw is a teacher and guardian to them.

This cult is neutral to the outside world and didn’t used to communicate with it. That changed after the lizard deity, according to the worshipers, left the wastelands. Some of them claim that the creature has gone into the endless forgetfulness of oblivion. Others claim he reached enlightenment, and only a handful of real ascetics think that  Deathclaw is still there, but he is hiding from the inner sight of the Silent shamans – his guards.

Every shaman, who wants to communicate with Deathclaw and become his guardian, has to give him his tongue, so he’ll lose the ability to talk in the material world, but become able to communicate in spiritual world.

This habit has become a tradition in many tribal communities.

However, lately it seems like the deity doesn’t respond to the worshipers, so the shamans have decided to send young and strong members of the tribe to the world to find out what happened with Deathclaw and eventually bring him back.  For many, it is a life test and a transient ritual to maturity, and if they succeed, they will be able to return to the tribe and be celebrated as heroes.

What is it about?

You can choose a member of Tribe Folk as your character. They are basically American Indians of the postapocalyptic world. Tribe Folk doesn’t use firearms or modern conveniences even though the parts of their garments include different bolts, gears, springs, etc., all in combination with leather and feathers.

We want to make Tribe Folk more of a community, because they are, by default, at a bit of a disadvantage. This would be compensated by location of Diaspora, that is situated in Goodwaters. This is where the Tribe Folk live in the neighborhood of the others.

As a folk tribe, you will experience the other dimension of the game experience. You will probably become the target of mockery or in game racism. However, all these downfalls will be compensated.

If you want to become a member of Tribe Folk, please check option Diaspora in the registration form.

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