Escaped Synth

Synthetic human is nothing else than a robot. Older Synths can be recognised by looks and are often hostile. (1st and 2nd gen.)

Newer models are covered by human skin and are not likely to tell apart from humans. Their hardware is so sophisticated that even doctors often can’t tell, unless they cut them open. (3rd gen.)

When they appeared but nobody knows where did they come form. Synth acts based on what he was made for. They strive to join the society and have no evil intentions. They just want to live among others, but most of people don’t want to be close to them because of prejudice and bad reputation.

  • Features: like Pre-war or Post-war person (depends on what archetype the player chooses)
  • Weaknesses: Can’t mimic the complexity and unpredictability of human mind. They don’t know they are synths, they think they are human
  • Mystery: They all share a mystery, but they don’t know what is it.
  • Purpose: To start a new life.

Comments to Synths

  • Escaped Synths are not stronger or faster than regular person.
  • The player will choose one of the two human archetypes (Pre-war, Post-war) and registers as a normal member of the faction.
  • The character doesn’t know that he/she is Synth.
  • Very important factor is that Synths do not understand the complexity of human mind and can’t replicte it.
  • They act based on their CPUs, which learn well.
  • Synths evaluate everything based on equations and numbers because they can’t think about it the same way as humans.
  • Playing Synths is more difficult and we recommend it for more experienced players. 
  • They have perks Scholar and Academican in general.

What do they think about others

  • About themselves: see Pre-war/Post-war person.
  • About Pre-war people: see Pre-war/Post-war person.
  • About pre-war people: see Pre-war/Post-war person.
  • About Tribe folks: see Pre-war/Post-war person.
  • Abour Ghouls: see Pre-war/Post-war person.

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