Escaped Synths

Not everybody is a human in post-war world. Well, at least not on the inside.  You can never be sure.

You can find detailed information in Escaped Synth.

What is it about?

You are not human! Your are a robot. Or something more like Terminator, just not stronger than humans. There is endoskeleton made of resistant metals, covered with human skin, showing all the symptoms of man, starting with sweating, bleeding, heart rate simulation and slow healing. You are just a piece of well-engineered technology.

There is only one catch, you have no idea about it all. You have memories from your childhood to this day, you remember how you grew up and your friends and family. You would never think of the possibility, that you are not who you are. The only hint that could reveal your true origin is the fact that you don’t  physically age and you do not know anyone in your neighborhood for more than a few years.

During the game, you’ll find out that there is something wrong with you and the questions start to rise. Who you are? Who made you and why? Will your friends  turn away from you? Or maybe you’ll meet people like your and find the answers together.

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