• We have two kinds of factions; atmospheric and created by players. The first group includes the Brotherhood of the Steel, Russian Economic Society or the Vault settlement etc. Membership in these factions usually have a condition – send your questions to info@falloutlarp.cz.
  • The factions created by the players are bringing a new elements to the game. We will be very happy if players will create ones based on list below.
  • Choose one of these motives and build faction around it. Send your questions to info@falloutlarp.cz
  • We have small factions (4 – 10 members) and big factions (11 – 15 members)
  • Please mention what faction type you will be
  • Registration of registered factions from March 1, 2019

The factions we already have in the game

  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Vault dwellers
  • Slavers
  • Weapon and Ammo Mechants
  • Casino

List of the factions we want in the game

Motive Description
Prospectors A group of prospectors for raw materials and materials from Goodwaters, caravan helpers, and good merchant friends
Neo-Christianity, Atom´s Church A group of believers from Goodwaters
Mercenaries We are looking for some pretty stylized group of tough guys to Goodwaters, who will mainly fight
Mutant Hunters hunters-professionals; they use firearms but prefer lances and nets as the unique equipment that this faction may have
Cultivators a purely non-combat farmers and, in general, people from Goodwaters who want to cultivate flora
Goodwaters street gang city gangs fights for a power in Goodwaters, gain fame, new territory and influence
Cannibals a group of cannibals (not necessarily from Goodwaters) who gets to the beginning of the Kanibal perk and will have this lifestyle
Community of supermutans (or ghouls) Even the Supermutants (or Ghouls) can live in Goodwaters as a group of cross-country groups that others are at first strangling – here it is interesting to try the game from the point of view of the oppressed minority
Tribal assembly A natural tribe condemning modern technology and living in harmony with nature
Business such as a biography, a circus, a tattoo saloon, brothel
Jugger two teams can strive for a tournament or game arrangement

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