Factions 2019

You will find here all approved factions for year 2019 that you can choose as player.



  • For singles, pairs and trios which don´t want to start a game as faction members.
  • The group with more than 4 members is considered as faction and must be registered
  • As lone wolves, you can join to any faction in the game or you can play without membership – solo play.
  • WARRNING! We strongly recommend play solo only to experienced player because puts much more emphasis on own initiative. Being a lone wolf has advantages and disadvantages.

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  • They are important story characters created by Org
  • They assign tasks, missions, various jobs and also oversee their fulfillment
  • They act as guides to the storyline that they lead.
  • The atmospheric characters are designed for more experienced players who emphasize good role performance – there’s a great opportunity to customize your role or design a new one.
  • We expect role-playing experiences, good knowledge of the rules, own costume and initiative during the game.

In case you want to play an atmospheric character contact us at info@falloutlarp.cz


  • Want to spice up the game?
  • You can also take a so-called role supplement (extra story line) to your role
  • There are three options to choose from: escaped synth, Diaspora, Company
  • Take supplement only in case that your´re ordinary player.

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  • Take a good look at the legend below, as for some factions you can register before the game for another during the game.


  • closed faction = it´s not possible to become a member of this faction
  • membership during the game = it´s possible to become a member during the game
  • opened faction = it´s possible to become a member before game and during the game
  • faith = it´s possible to become believer and gain some advantages

Brotherhood of Steel

membership during the game

The Brotherhood of Steel is an advanced technological faction based on the principles of chivalry, military morality, and belief in preserving pre-War wisdom aside from those who want to exploit it.

Seat: Far Away Outpost, Population: 16/25

Više za vas

closed faction

New Alexandria faction which do not conceal their positive attitude to slavery and technology trade as well as quality production cold weapons. Some people consider them as just another raiders but in fact they are a very sophisticated and civilized society – by their own way

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 11/15

Russian Economic Society

membership during the game

A relatively fast-growing faction originally from the east of Europe. It’s a strange thing but anything that ever came from the East just wanted to conquer and rule. For several years they had been trade firearms and ammunition near the Goodwaters. Everyone deals with them because they are only ones that still have unremitting resources. It is also clever to be goodstanding with them because then you live much longer.

Seat: Wasteland, Population: 9/20

King Arthur Expedition Crew (Vault 123)

opened faction

King Arthur’s crew just awoken from cryostasis after more than two centuries. Vault woke them up for some reason and forced to leave their cryopodes to find out what went wrong. Unfortunately none of them knows that they will never come back to stasis and much worse they know nothing about the world above. They hopes into their abilities, equipment and Overseer.

Seat: Vault 123, Population: 1/15


closed faction

This is the newly established kingdom of Šmeliště (czech word for mocking) and king Leguan I. is in charge here  with the royal family. They rule upon the junk mountains and lagoons with irradiated water. More than a year ago this well-known ghoul has claimed to be a king and starting to dressed and behaving like a true monarch. Except for this tiny fact the Junkyard works just as did before – it’s a place to find various items – of course under his majesty’s supervision.

Seat: Wasteland, Population: 0/5

Temple of Honor

membership during the game faith

This faithe resembles the religious teachings of Asian monasteries. Foundations of this started when one of them once found some old B-movie about Shaolin and decided to create a faith around it. It´s mostly the faith who decides about the live and death in wasteland. But none of those people are Asian and all what they know about this continent is only it lies far in the east. Their faith have certain advantages.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 0/10

Big Four retrieved mission 

closed faction faith

From the far south of Europe the missionaries arrived to Goodwaters whose appearance and faith resemble the Arsans. Apparently it will be them. Their mission is to spread the faith and according to certain things to seek holy objects or build a holy palce here. Their faith like any other has its advantages.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 0/5

Vault-Tec Police

membership during the game

This faction wears the Vault-Tec security clothes and equipment. Their main source of income is the protection of caravans and fight against crime. These people believe that they have inherited outfit from their parents for generations in order to wear it and carry out their Duty. This time has not not come and so they works as much as possible without knowledge what Duty truly is. Their parents didn’t know it either.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 3/5

Novogdansk Liberation Army

opened factionfaith

Part of the escaped soldiers from the Novogdansk in northern Poland who settled near the Far Away Outpost owned by Brotherhood of Steel. They recruit new members here for a future north expedition to free the city from hands of a betrayed general who wrongly keeps power over most of Novogdańsk after having destroyed the original Tsar. They are very well trained in combat and proudly wear their uniforms. Part of their culture is the faith in machines that they actively present and promise benefits for future believers by joining the future expedition to the north.

Seat: Wasteland, Population: 5/15

Viben´s ranch

opened faction

Ranchers under the old Viben´s supervising are something like a reservoir of Goodwaters. Not only a good quality mutated tobacco is produced on their fields but also a strange crop. Ranchers creates first-class brandy from it. Unfortunately some consumers have experienced various side effects from glowing morning faeces to mysterious resistance to radiation but only if you drank a lot.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 3/8

Ewok´s Security and Services

membership during the game

Mercenaries who come together under the idea of good earning for providing quality services. Unlike other similar groups these people are somewhat more versatile. Once you can see them guarding the caravan and for the second time working with different devices whose purpose can only be guessed. It is said that they are not afraid to get their hands dirty more than others.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 3/8

Maroon casino

closed faction

Many people lost their jobs after the Battle of Goodwaters and unfortunately Madame Freya were among them. The needs of the people have changed quite after the Battle and there was no interest in sexual services for a long time which prompted Freya to change the business concept into a casino that soon began to grow up.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 0/8


membership during the game

One of the street gangs in Goodwaters who had lived here before the Battle. Sometimes people consider them as brats cut out of the chain but they have a style and will to fight for their thing. Orphans are street children but nobody knows what they really want. They had a decent stock of pre-War booze they were selling. Unlike Viben’s men Orphan drinks are more than 200 years old and often have very unpredictable effects.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 0/14

Mama Gang

closed faction

Another street gang in Goodwaters. Their ambitions are quite obvious and known to everyone. The word Mama in the title is not just for the show because they want to take control over the city. The gang ruled over the city for about half a year before the Merovingians came and set up their Curator. Even after this political act the gang has maintained respect in many people. There are rumors that the Merovingians are preparing them for future overtaking power again and retreat into the background.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 6/8

Post Office

closed faction

The group  with variable ammout of employees has recently started delivering letters, leaflets and packages of different sizes. But with her neutral and friendly approach, she was able to earn a living and is already a typical part of life in Goodwaters and the surrounding area. The biggest success has been the delivery of an unexploded bomba in front of Brotherhood of SteeIt was success because it did not explode and the Brotherhood did not shoot the deliverers. The customer of the shipment remained anonymous. The people were slightly concerned that when the First postman was killed by a wild ghoul in one local brothel, a new one called the Two appeared quite quickly. There was gossips of postmen being recruited from prisoners sentenced to death in civilized cities, and this is their last chance. That’s why they have a passion for their work.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 0/8

Slovak Investigative Trackers

opened faction

The Slovak Investigative Trackers are a detective agency that got to Goodwaters thanks to the clues from the ruins of Bratislava, through Castrum and Oasis. Previously, all current detectives were mercenaries until they began to hire them for more complex jobs for their skills. Is it necessary to dig up dirt on someone? Not a problem. Do you need to clear the clues? We are your people. But we have a own case we’re dealing with, so don’t interfere us too much. This is the correct definition for approach of SIS employees, which cannot be ignored thanks to the stylish detectives appearances from the mid-20th century. Some say they are such a natural contradiction to the Company. Quantities are balanced in the wasteland just as it is in nature. But more than the truth, it is just another of a series of gossip.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 1/8


membership during the game

It is said that these stoned savages who make a good quality natural drugs have come from somewhere in the south. So there is a possibility that they comes from Pine Hill, but something also suggests that it is not true. Is it their wild look? Expressive clothing? Tribal tattoos and other pieces of their equipment complemented by crazy demeanor? Their appearance seems to tell all world on the first look – we are free and wild and proud of it. Few people have tried their drugs so far, and bad languages claim that they sell poisons to get rich in deaths of their victims. One way or another, there are some who don’t praise their stuff. From their arrival in the Goodwaters, they have a small tribal Diaspora, sometimes called the Opium Grove.

Seat: Goodwaters, Population: 1/8