After the War, many new communities have emerged. Everyone follow their own law, and  strong leaders decide about life and death. In these fractions, you can find all sorts of people, some can hate each other, while others maintain close contact.

At the same time, however, there are organizations established even before the War, or who refer to pre-War times. They are proud of their history and origin. You will most often encounter pre-war people who either partake in the rest of the world or use it to restore the  civilization. The goals of these organizations are noble and civilized.

Atmospheric factions

  • 5 – 25 members
  • Atmospheric factions help to bild the background of the game world. Members are part of the game as a participants.
  • Their power does not lie in the number of members but in the meaning for the world.
  • In the game world they can be well known and their influence can differ.
  • Every atmospheric faction has to have 1 – 2 leaders that are in contact with players and Org team. Their job is to mediate OG communications and address all factional management, both IG and OG. They also have characters of their own and solve the further course and direction of their faction.
  • Registration as an atmospheric faction is regulated by the Org team.
  • Atmospheric factions are: The Brotherhood of Steel, The Vault 123, The Russian Economic Society, Više za vas and The Junkyard.  

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