Fallout LARP is an open world sandbox larp which has already been the seventh year. It focuses to create an environment inspired by a Fallout game series and to set up stories plots and relationships of ordinary people, militarized groups or another communities. Each participant plays his own fictional character which is a part of game universe.

Great emphasis is put on the freedom and building of your own story. On the other hand, the wasteland can be dangerous place so airsoft and NERF weapons are used to resolve conflicts.

Strong rolepleying and experiance in unique middle European wasteland filled the generic factions related to Fallout game series. Be a part of Goodwaters population – the biggest settlement in Eastern Europe and form the future of your homeland. 

Are you interested in? Do you want to kill ghouls and supermutants? Doing politics? Craft special items? Just roam in the wasteland?

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