Game Principles

In this chapter we will talk about some of the gaming principles that each player must know, as they serve as guidance not only for players, but for organizers as well.

On this LARP, we work with basic „of game“ (OG) security mechanism – “Yellow Alert“ (cz. Zluta pozor) and “Red Stop“ (cz. Ruda stop). If the game slips out of your comfort zone or you´ve reached your OG limits, by saying “Yellow alert!“, you’ll inform other players that you’re close to the egde of discomfort. 

By saying “Red Stop!“, you’ll immediatelly pause the game. It is used mostly in case of pain, injury or other kind of discomfort situation – please use this mechanism only in serious and justified cases. 

Keep in mind that everything that’s happening is only inside the game – take nothing personal.

Reality vs. Fiction

The basic principle of this LARP is a certain degree of fiction. After all, we work with imagination and some things are just “make believe“.

Example: Black geotextile represents wall of the house, a paper attached to the gun represents the In Game (IG) weapon, or the extraction of resources by interactive activity.

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