Game system

There is Hip Points System. To deal with conflict, in addition of diplomacy, you can use edged weapons (softened latex replicas based on PA style), NERF guns and airsoft weapons. (more in General rules)

At Fallout LARP, we use a system based on the freedom of actions within the set mantinels. Unlike managed games that have a set scenario, this world is built as the real one. Not everything that happens in it revolves around the main plot. We work with bounded story lines of a linear character. Players are co-developers with their activities in the game, and they might create new plots. Players are co-creators of the game and create new stories themselves. At the same time, they can invent and then produce game commodities or modify existing ones.

  • It is 24h LARP, so the game runs even during the night.
  • Special abilities are represented by so-called “perks”, those allow you to, for example, craft stuff.  

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