Ugly, zombie-like creatures that can think and talk like humans. Once they used to be human, but they were exposed to a hight dose of radiation and FEV virus that mutated them into their present form. 

They usually keep to themselves because they are often targets of rasism or violence, but there are places where humans and Ghouls learned to live together. 

The ghouls are more resistant to the radiation. It act as a drug on them, the longer they remain in radiation zone, the faster they trun into ferals . If they are in the irradiated area longer than 2 scenes they will turn into freals.

The feral ghoul is aggressive and acts like an animan.

 Some of the Ghouls were exposed to such a big dose of radiation – they didn´t turn into feral -, that they light up. Those Ghouls are considered sacred amongst the other Ghouls and are often leaders of the communities.

Playing as Ghoul require a look-out upgrade (prosthetic, mask, make-up).

  • Features:  solidarity, strong will, strong will to survive, immunity against radiation (but not against poisons and toxins)
  • Weaknesses: social exclusion, exiles, sometimes they are targets of huntings, genetic defects, repulsive look.
  • Purpose: to find a place in the society and be accepted.

What do they think about others

  • About themselves: On the inside, we are the same like other people, it’s only the appearance that makes us different.
  • About Pre-war people: Arogant hypocrites who act superior to us even though we have far more knowledge.
  • About pre-war people: Barbarians and crooks who are not to be trusted. Only despair came out of them.
  • About Tribe folks: They understand us and are the only ones who we can be friends with.

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