Goodwaters is the main cultural center of the game where people of all kinds, shapes and smells come together with different intentions and goals. It used to be a quiet and peaceful town in the middle of Tatras mountains, but after the Battle of Goodwaters, most of the original residents left and new people moved in. Changes came with them – but not the good kind of changes. Once a prosperous city, whose pride was the pure unspoiled mountain spring, suddenly fell into a anarchy becoming a crime filled shithole. You can still claw out an existence there, but it is nothing of its former glory.

  • Goodwaters itself is not considered a faction, there are lots of the people and groups and they together form a diverse population.
  • The capacity of Goodwaters is aproximately 100 residents.
  • The factions within the settlement are those created by the players themselves.
  • From previous years, there are already some factions in Goodwaters.
  • These factions already have the location from previous years.
  • On the registration form (from March 1, 2019), new and old factions have to indicate their location on map.
  • You can find the registration forms on the website from March 1, 2019.

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