Hairstyle, tattoos and grime

Those three elements can massively improve you overall visuals.


Even hairstyle is part of your costume. If you are man, we welcome hairstyles like in the movie Greese with side-burns like John Travolta or mustache with twisted ends. Women can have all kinds of Pin-up hairstyles in combination with wasteland costume.

Tips mentioned above would mostly suit residents of Goodwaters. Veterans from wasteland won’t be too bothered with the way they look.

Tattoos (War Paint)

A good addition to the costume is tattoo, whether it’s temporary henna, your own real tattoo or just a fake sleeve on your arm. The harsh world is asking for harsh tattoed people. For an ordinary person, it is rather a decorative matter, while the tribal community has a religious, social and political system based on the tattoo.

If you want to play as tribal character, tattoo is vital.

Grime and Make-up

There are no showers or spas in the tough post-war world and water is too precious to be wasted on washing your body. Your character will be much more authentic if your visible parts of skin are dirty (eg. face, hands, legs or stomach,..)

Last thing you’d be bothered about in postapo world would be hygiene.

We won’t force you to be really dirty, you can use makeup to archieve filthy look, however all players shoud be dirty looking to some degree. You can also have fake scars, burns or wounds.

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