PC game inspiration

The Internet is full of Fallout inspired, sometimes almost movie-like costumes and this is the standard we’d like to meet on The Fallout LARP.  If you take a good look, you’ll find out that only about 3 types of costumes are made from otherwise rich universe. We understand that characters like Vault Dweller, NCR Veteran Ranger or BOS Knights are popular, but if we aim to create a cosmopolitan game based on the diversity of characters, we can not fill it only with those characters.

On the other hand, those characters are essencial, so you are for sure going to meet them on the LARP. If you want one of those costumes, please read the following rules.

Vault Dweller costume

If you want to experience the Fallout LARP from the eyes of Vault Dweller, you have to own vault suit with nr. 123 (as it’s the only one that exists in Europe). There are two types of Dwellers –  Dwellers who live in the wasteland for a while and Dwellers who just left the Vault without previous experiences.

Vault Dweller, that just came out of the Vault

You are resident of Vault 123 that hasn’t been on surface yet. Your vault suit is clean – keep it that way.  You can have Pip-boy, but we don’t have use for these gadgets in game yet.  

You don’t have many accesorises like protectors or straps as they are useless in the Vault.  Organizers will give you patch with the symbol of your faction – the European vault is very specific.

Vault Dweller that lives on the surface

You are formal resident of Vault 123 (this Vault only!) who escaped and started living on the surface. You didn’t get rid of your uniform, but you modified it. Your suit will be dirty, ripped up and enriched by other costume elements such as straps, belts and protectors.

This dweller can be part of any faction in the game with exception of Vault Camp faction.  

NCR and Caesar’s legion costumes

NCR armor (trooper, ranger, veteran ranger)  can be used if you’re wastelander or part of some military faction.  

One condition is to remove the NCR logo and replace it with your own. Bear in mind that you’ll have to require your armor IG (in game) – The armor gains it’s IG function when it’s provided with dispatch note. You can buy it with your karma when you’re creating your character or you can gain it during the game)

Caesar’s legion armor can be used for character or faction that comes from Southern Europe (Including Balkan).

It can be faction reffering to the ideals of Ancient Rome or completely different faction. There can’t be symbols of Caesar’s legions on the costume.  

Power armors

At some point, everyone has ever dreamt about driving throught the wasteland in power suit. We don’t want to deprive you of that, but keep in mind that it is very valuable piece of technology. Unlike the PC game, you can’t find them lying about on the ground.

If you want to create Power Suit (generic or your own construction), please make sure you have some story about how your character gained it.

There are special rules for Power Suits (more about it in General rules)

A prerequisite for ownership of the power armor in the game right from the start is a good story of how you came to it or be a member of the faction that uses these armor.

Do not forget to mention it in the registration.

Gang member costume

Gangs mostly operate in Goodwaters. The costumes can include broad spectrum of post-war fashion styles. It’s importatnt to match the costume with other gang members so it’s clear that you are from the same community. Discuss the costumes with other people from your faction.

It’s up to you how matching are your costumes- it can be same style clothing, matching  patches or just some little detail like scarf around the neck, hat or hair colour. Don’t forget it should still be based on Fallout universe.

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