The Junkyard

Where the dangerous wildernes blends into the part of the wasteland that could be considered Goodwaters suburbs, lies a couple of hills surrounded by walls made of old tires, sheets of metal and other materials. This place is home to two tradesmen, Iguana and Jackal. After some time, people learned that they can find a couple of useful things here.  

Thanks to their ability to always fine a piece of fine goods, The Junkyard became a place of busy trade. Sometimes the caps and simple desire for the item are not enough for them to sell it. Your reputation plays a significant role, because with some things from there, you could easily blow up the entire wasteland.

Other than that, The Junkyard is the place that collects the trash from wider area and where you can sell anything that is still at least a little bit reusable.

If you want to be part of The Junkyard, check this option in your registration form.

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