The Merovingians are represented by the Org, who speaks through them in the game and gives direction. The head of the clan is a person named Boss. Other members of the family are other organizers. Others will form an army and negotiator.

The Merovingians are lords of wastes and their origin derives from pre-war 21st century businessmen. It does not affect events directly but through players – they act as a guarantee of stability, development and security in Goodwaters.

The Merovingians sign is a bee.

Through Merovingians, important game information flows into the game. These are handed over by post or by the so-called Grand Council. This is called by Boss and will be held every day at Goodwaters. Important informations will be communicated here, and it will also be a place where public affairs will be dealt with, and there is also space for dirty politics.

The Merovingians, with their name, refer to the french dynasty because their actions that connect barbaric gangs and civilized communities. It is also possible to find people of all sorts – from dangerous intellectuals to brutal bouncers.

They are the rulers of the wastes around Goodwaters, and although they rule in relatively small territory, their power is great and their establishment is already remembered as a state.

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