Creating of your character

You can create any character from the Fallout universe. Avoid the famous characters and game heroes (eg Chosen One, Lone Wanderer, Courier, Sole Survivor, Herbert, Marcus, Nick Valentine, Piper, Conrad Kelogg, etc.) Be creative and think of something original. You can also create plot that you would like to solve in the game (so-called personal line) – its incorporation will depend on the complexity and difficulty.

Think about what you want to play, what does your character do for living, and what equipment and tools he/she uses. All these aspects are based on the background of the character.

Importatnt thing while choosing your specialization (perks) is to have at least basic idea of what it is about and how does it look like. For example if you want to be a doctor, you have to know how doctors act and have a little knowledge of the language they use, because you will need them during the game to  make your character authentic. Creativity has no limits, so even though we have quite strict rules for crafting, you are still encouraged to bring your own props.

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