Post-war human

These people have their own insight into law, morality and crime. They are typical inhabitants of the post-war world and have no connection to the original civilized world. They are men of this time and are not afraid to use all their options. Post-war people often have no understanding of the values that people possesed before the War. They mostly deal with trade, hunting, soil cultivation or travel. They are the cornerstone of the economy and migration. Most of them have a genetic mutation because of their long ancestral residence in an infested environment. Mostly, however, it is a minor mutation.

  • Features: games, alcohol, drugs, fight, whatever makes the life more bearable.
  • Weaknesses: suspicion to everything and everybody. Sometimes they have visible genetic mutations.
  • Purpose: to survive at any cost.

What do they think about others:

  • About themselves: The world is ours now, got it? Take whatever you want, live as fast and hard as you can and… that’s it.
  • About pre-war people : Pff, once I killed one of those clowns. They can’t even fight, losers.
  • About Tribe Folks: Fucking hippies. They still didn’t get that revolver is faster than bow.
    About Supermutants a Ghoulech: We keep away from them. The shining stuff is dangerous. 

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