Practical 2019

Here you will find practical information about this year’s event. Please read the following lines carefully and then not be disappointed at the fact that someone overlooked or did not know something.


  • Toi-Toi mobile toilets combined with a “yellow zone” located in GW will be provided at the event.
  • The yellow zone is a trio of wooden WC cabs in the GW built in 2017 and can still be used.


  • The shower is not part of the game, so we can’t find it anywhere in the game area.
  • If you want to take a shower, bring your own mobile shower.
  • Other washing options (hands, face) are in the wash basin in Org Town.
  • Furthermore, there is a hose for filling barrels with water or other containers.

Food and drink

  • All food and liquids are handled by the players themselves.
  • Water is no longer a game commodity.

In game bar – The Goodwaters will feature a stylish Atomic Kitchen. It will offer tasty dishes and soft drinks you know from the PC game. ATTENTION!!! The Atomic Kitchen does not take the game currency.

Only Czech crowns will be accepted. 

Pub – In addition to Atomic kitchen, a stylish pub will be at Goodwaters. Only game alcohol will be offered here (ice tea, colored and flavored water) which can give bonuses to the game and will only be sold for in game currency. (bottle caps)

Ranch – This is not a bar but ranchers also produce in game alcohol either. (only flavored water). Unlike pubs, they will offer their own brandy which will have different effects than whisky from pub.


  • Yes your eating equipment is part of your costume and should match the whole game. (cutlery, dishes, storage containers)
  • If you want to prepare your own food and want to do it publicly you can also customize your storage containers or cutlery.
  • We understand that it is very individual but we just do not want disposable plastic cutlery, mats, plastic bags from Tesco and food wrappings over all settlement.
  • If you do not have opportunity to prepare your food in style we ask you to do so somewhere in private space.
  • Wwe want to eliminate as much as possible the generation of the so-called “larp mess” which significantly disrupts overall impression of the game’s atmosphere.

Org does not provide plastic cans, dishes or cutlery so please bring your own.

Mandatory eating equipment

  • 1x aluminum container (or other food container) – you will get the food in game to this (i.e. from Atomic Kitchen)
  • 1x cutlery (not disposable plastic)
  • 1x liquid container (not a pet bottle) – plastic cups, do not matter if they are properly masked (decoration, graphics)


  • Garbage bags for sorted waste will be available at the Goodwaters, Vault, RES, BOS and Junkyard.
  • Garbage bags can be picked up at Org.
  • Every faction is obliged to sort the garbage.
  • After the event end the factions accumulates garbage on one piles in front of its campsite. (in bags)
  • All bags will be well tied and Org will take them for disposal at the end of the event.

ATTENTION!!! Org will not take unsorted garbage and in this case the faction itself takes care of its disposal.


  • Each faction in the game has its own campsite which must meet the standards of appearance and safety.


  • The campsite must look stylish and by the owned faction.
  • Each campsite must be marked with a sign or flag (or totem) of ownership faction.
  • The stylishness of the campsite must not be disturbed by distinctive modern elements such as car tarpaulin tarpaulins (blue, white, gray, etc.), uncoated advertising signs (even as part of the building), tires etc.
  • Also, the campsite must not have a bright or white front wall.
  • Everything must be junk and dirty.
  • The same rule is mandatory for common tents.
  • Get some camouflage net or military poncho to overlap if you have a modern tent of garish colors g
  • The faction is responsible for cleanliness in the immediate vicinity of the campsite during the game.
  • If a faction has a mess in front of or around the campsite (now we mean mainly garbage, etc.), the disease will spread.
  • Players who start off-faction are not allowed to camp outside the Goodwaters.

Modern tents without camouflage must not be visible on the playing area. You have to build them in modern tent zone in GW. If you camp in another settlement, the same rules apply to it – it must have a separate zone for modern tents.


  • The interior campsite light is provided by each faction itself.
  • Do not use torches and lights with open fire as a light source to illuminate a building interiors or campsites.
  • The exteriors at Goodwaters and other settlements will be illuminated.

Music production

  • Yes it is cool when you have stylish music in building to illustrate the atmosphere of your faction. We support it!
  • But music must not play too loud and must not interfere each other, for example, when two factions let the music play side by side.
  • Rather use music to illustrate the atmosphere of your campsite interiors.
  • It does not matter if the music is heard in front of the camp, but it should not significantly disturb overall atmosphere.
  • Forbidden genres: metal and rock, any electronic music 80´90´ and beyond (synthwave, electro, etc.), modern Asian music, popular music 80´90 and beyond (Michael Jackson etc.), military marching songs, hymns of real or historical states
  • Allowed genres: classical music, blues, jazz, swing, chanson (USA, Germany, France, Russia), traditional folk music, country, ABBA, Bonnie M, rock´n´roll (Elvis Presley etc.), radio games (eg War of the Worlds), tribal trash (drums and rattlesnake from junk)

Music production is allowed from 08:00 to 24:00.


  • Fraction campsites must be safe ie. there must be no sharp edges in it.
  • All nails must be properly slammed and the sharp edges of the slats must be rounded or trimmed so as not to endanger other players.
  • Bit tents must have marked pins with a stripe of black-yellow tape.
  • Each campsite must be approved by Org before the game to check appearance and safety.
  • Any shortcomings that Org has found must be removed before the game begins.

Forbidden materials

  • Tires
  • PVC (for example, car sails of bright colors (blue, white, gray etc.)
  • Eternit and similar inappropriate materials
  • Advertising banners, banners with logos of various modern brands or other items used as building materials or decorations which is not overcoated.
  • Geotextiles


  • The campfire can be made only in places that are determined by Org before game.
  • There will be one central campfire in GW, BOS, RES, Junkyard and Vault.
  • A water canister or a fire extinguisher will be within reach of each campfire.


  • There will be enough parking space in event area for all participants.
  • The parking will not be continuously watched during the event and Org is not responsible for any theft of things inside.


  • All factions are obliged to clean up the building (place) they used during the game – regardless of who built the building or who is the current owner.
  • The not fixed campsite equipment and decorations must be cleaned up in the case of buildings in Goodwaters. (eg decor, tableware, mattresses).
  • All furniture and other materials (such as wood debris, destroyed decorations, etc.) used by faction during game must be properly cleaned and fixed inside the building.
  • Tents and hangars borrowed by Org must be cleared and any leased furniture stacked in front of the tent.
  • Org will take a care about borrowed tents that must be furniture free.
  • Smaller tent camps and tarpaulins must be completely removed.
  • The place in front of faction campsite must be cleaned either. (ie in the immediate vicinity of a building or campsite – approx. 5-10 meters)
  • Garbage (see on garbage above)
  • The faction leader is responsible for cleanup. 
  • The Org will approve the cleanup after the game.