Pre-war human

In the year 2307, you are not likely to find pre-war person who still looks like person. These people honor the principles of the old world, such as civilization, they have a sense of justice, and are able to hold the principles of democracy or freedom of opinion. The UN is also not an unknown concept for them.


  • Features: knowledge, hygiene, clenliness, ineterst in culture, respect of rules and laws
  • Weaknesses: holding on moral principles, discipline (in the post-war world it’s rather disadvantage)
  • Purpose: to preserve the humanity, culture and civilization  

What do they think about others

  • About themselves: Somebody has to preserve the civilization and find other people like us in the wasteland. Everything lies on our shoulders.
  • About post-war people: Tough guys but mostly idiots who didn’t notice that we are actually the bosses. We are the ancestors of the pre-war people and they are just useful human force.
  • About Tribe folks: Oh yeah, the savages… bit of soap and water and they will be decent labourers.
  • About Supermutants and Ghouls: Interesting creatures… I wonder how their brains look like.

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