Stereotypes supporting the game

Stereotypes help to create a game world and make the game understandable and readable to all players. Of course, you can create an atypical figure and explain its functioning IG, but it does not contribute much to the authenticity of the characters, and it creates chaos in the game. We do not want to push you into playing stereotypes, but we strongly reccomend it.

Example: Karen came up with a character, which is originaly from Tribe Folk, she lives in the city for her entire life, she stole Brotherhood of Steel Scribe´s uniform and now poses as him.

In theory, this can be a good idea, but practically it does not work. For most players, it’s much easier to interact with a character who dresses and acts according to their appearance, profession, or past, and they do not have to ask themselves if the character is intended like that or the player is just not good at playing the character. A character who dresses and acts according to his appearance and background will be much better in the game, and so the game world can be enriched with a lot of unusual encounters.

Try to integrate this principle into the creation of your character or faction.  At the end, it will be helpful for you as the stereotypical characters and factions are usually more popular both IG and OG and get known faster.

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