STORY 2019

Fallout LARP is build as sanbox with wide range of “what to do” options.


There is nothing like one main story line. There are several of them and none of them is considered as major or minor by organizers. The factions will play factional story lines based on what they wrote in registration. Furthermore, the atmospheric story lines that form the core of the game will be fulfilled. Here you will find politics, fight, crafting and using the perks.

If you don’t know how to start playing or what to do, mention it in the regsitartion and the Org will prepare a simple personal story line for you.

Faction leader

The faction leader is a person who guides you through a factional story and partly oversees that all players in the faction have something to do. Leader is an atmospheric character and deal with IG/OG situations (issues) in the faction and serves as a link to the Org

Distinguishing between IG and OG information

It is possible that you get to something that you should not know as a character before the game. How to deal with these spoilers?

Think well about what information your character has the chance to get because eg. a farmer will not know what the Pip-boy is, he will not know the codex of  Brotherhood or what is behind the Nightkin camoflage. Do not assume that everything you know from a computer game works the same on larp. We encourage you to go through the game history and not just rely on what you know from games.

If you hear information that you know you should not know before playing, do not operate it. Even if it is difficult, try to displace it, if necessary. avoid situations where this may occur.

Events in the game world

Each of stories listed below is an introduction to one atmospheric storyline that can be dealt individually or within the faction.

Blood baron

In 2286, in Povážská Bystrica, a military commander took control over the local community, who soon got nickname The Blood Baron. The city was later renamed as Baron Town. From 2306 a panic will begin to spread in a region that includes Goodwaters. Blood baron is known for his hatred of Merovinfians, who wants to humiliate their factory in Martin. He also want to get Goodwaters into the sphere of influence and other settlements. From this year the Blood Baron´s growing political and military influence  is reported from the west. The Merovingians are nervous.

#fight #stealth #expeditions #deadly environment


Some people might think that this is just a tale for scaring young children but the opposite is true. Once upon a time, there was a man who has suffered by terribly injustice. No one knows what was the true reason but it was so strong the he started to surround with same people as himself and start doing what he later called the Crusade. This term has become an engine that drives them to pursue revenge. And who does this revenge belong to? To the whole of society, for rejecting while each of them has their own personal reasons. This is the link that holds their entire community together. Now their leader’s ambitions seem to go much further than the ordinary revenge. There are others who do not like Merovingians because they say they created Revenants. These raiders are not ordinary because they frighten not only the raid but also by their fanaticism.    

#fight #stealth #expeditions #deadly environment

Invisible supermutants

In the summer of 2306, rumors from the Brotherhood of Steel about supermutans with camouflage field technology come from the north of Poland. According to the information that the Order owns, there is a great resemblance to the creatures that occur in the US called Nightkin. But one thing is certain, they appear more and more often and even closer to Goodwaters.

#fight #stealth #expeditions #deadly environment

Technological fever

After the Great Winter more than sixty years ago, technology began to fever. For many, it has meant unprecedented profits. The soil was unusable after one decade of permanent winter and had to be cultivated. While the water has increased and many factions have started up as water traders. Everyone began to seek and accumulate pre-war and technology. This fever ended twenty years ago. But now it seems that the desire for techs has once lurk again into the greedy hearts of those who already possess a great deal of power.

#fight #crafting #expeditions #deadly environment

Brotherhood of Steel

The gossips and rumors say that the excessive Order  openness  to neighborhood is a thorn in the eye of some older members.    The rumors that too much openness to the neighborhood is a thorn in the eye of some older members. Unverified information suggests that the Elder of Kingstown should visit the base himself to investigate the rumors about supermutans and help strengthen morale because there are tensions in the order camp that slowly leak out of walls.


Vault 123

Since 2305, nobody has gotten to the treasure inside the vault which is a sealed King Arthur spacecraft. How is it possible? It’s not a simple way for most people, and many treasure hunters have died there in the last year. These rumors hold all the mass attempts to penetrate inside. For now ….

#fight #ciphers #exploaration


Politic war in Goodwaters

There’s something big going on at Goodwaters. The fuzzy combination with the heat of the summer sun could be cut even with a blunt razor. Everyone knows a little bit, and it’s a public secret that the Merovingians are going against the Blood baron and no one else knows what’s next. It is rumored that the Baron´s spies have secretly made an alliance with the Revenants while deadly squads of supermutants came from the north and craving for camouflage technology. People are starting to worry about new war with mutants like two years ago but the merovingian Curator is mitigating fear and promises protection in case of danger. How serious his words are meant can only be imagined. Certain is that Curator is person who has power and defines the goals.


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