Nobody knows where did these large creatures came from in the Europe. Even though they are considered enemies to people, some of them managed to settle down in their vicinity.

Even though it sounds odd, these creatures can also live in the community of their own. Supermutants fled the Master and want to find cure that would relieve them of their despair and would give them back their human form. The communities are led by one intelligent member who makes decisions.

Supermutants are not of tribal characters and don’t believe in magic and other mysticism. They are more militarised and work more like army divided into units and commandos with leaders.

The supermutants are more resistant to the poinsons and toxins. The longer they remain in toxic zone, the faster they trun mad. If they are in the toxic area longer than 2 scenes they will turn mad. If the supermutant is poisoned differently than roaming in the toxic zone, the effects of poisoning are always delayed by 1 scene.

The mad supermutant is aggressive and acts like an animan.

  • Features: physical strength, resistance against wounds, toxins or poisons
  • Weaknesses: low intelligence, social exclusion, exiles, they are sometimes targets of hunting, genetic defects, repulsive look.
  • Purpose: to find a place in the society and be accepted.

What do they think about others

  • About themselves: You need to understand that we used to be people too… if you don’ t, I’ll crush your skull.
  • About Pre-war people: I’ve never heard of them.
  • About pre-war people: Bastards who make life difficult for us. But still better than being slaves to Master.
  • About Tribe folks: They are like us, but we often don’t understand each other, they are too arogant.

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