Tribe folk

These post-war people are more inclined to relate to nature. They dress accordingly and avoid all technology as they believe it’s a source of all evil. They create tribal communities or tribal associations.  Tribe folk is the post-war equivalent of American Indians.

  • Features: tribal ceremonies and rituals, adaptability, traditions of the wilderness, solidarity, bravery.
  • Weaknesses: supersititon, almost no technical knowledge and possessions.
  • Purpose: to preserve the tribe and culture in accordance with nature and the world.

What do they think about others

  • About themselves: we are the children of the new world and we should honor our roots , because we learned how to live here when the others left. 
  • About Pre-war people: They are the sons of The Old Ones. They are the ghosts of the world that is no longer here and they will bring the doom at the end.
  • About post-war people: They are like termites, they will eat everything and go even further. It’s better to keep away from them.
  • About Supermutants a Ghoulech: They are blessed even though they don’t know it. They are like the butterflies that are trying to be larvae and catterpilars. We would welcome them in our tribes the way they are.    

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