Trust between participants

You should always assume that the reactions of other participants to a given situation or action are valid. Do not start upset OG communication if you feel like something is against the rules. In this case, visit your faction leader or Org (=crew) to pass on the matter.

Example: Player Bob shoots player Tom, but Bob doesn’t think Tom acts injured/dead enough. But what if Tom didn’t feel the hit, because the ball just brushed against his clothes (or other reasons eg. hidden armor, mutation, is strengthened by drugs, has an implant, etc.). Bob, instead of loud OG complaining, confronts Tom IG, so Tom has a chance to explain his actions without interrupting game. In case of repeated excesses,  Bob informs his leader. Bob is clever. Be like Bob.

Your IG approach to other characters or fractions has either positive or negative consequences. This fact may not affect you from the start, but it can occur later in the game.

Example: If you owe money to a seller, he will most probably make sure he’ll get his money back. If you kill a Brotherhood of steel knight, it is certain that there will be revenge.

Consider your actions carefully. 

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