The Vault 123

Dwellers of Vault 123 have just been awakened from cryostasis. Reports show that the vault has started a diagnostic check of the protective systems and also the King Arthur spacecraft.

There are many errors and red lights are flashing everywhere. Steam comes out of the ventilation and the main computer reports a communication failure between multiple systems.

The dwellers do not have a lot of time to figure out what to do and the Administrator swiftly orders them to exit to the surface.
Nobody conciders the fact that they have not been on the surface since the beginning of stasis in 2077. The only thing that keeps them sane is the fact, that everybody has a proffession and knows their job.

They have been able to acquire equiptment from the upper floors.

Now everyone stands in front of the doors, the Administrator pushes the Pip-Boy into the door console. No one knows what lies on the surface or what year it is. It’s time to find out and then go back. The mystery of the vault must be resolved.

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