Yes, weapon is a part of your costume, so make sure it matches your costume and meets visual requirements. It souldn’t be clean while the rest of your costume is dirty and worn out. Custom game-based designs (pipe rifle, laser, plasma, gauss rifle, bozar, 10mm gun, etc.) or conversion kits are highly welcome, and it is possible that you will be allowed to play this weapon without having to spend karma points (they are quite expensive).

If you have such a weapon, please insert a link to the photo.

Weapons can not be fitted with accessories such as various mountings, optics, collimators, grips, tactical flashlights etc. (sniper rifles are an exception).

Why? The reason is simple. Such weapons are too professional and the purpose of the game is, among others, to deal with shortcomings and difficulties. Instalations are hard to find and in post-war world it’s only powerful factions, who posses equiptment like this. It also attracts unwanted attention, it’s like as if you were parading around with sword with diamonds in the middle of medieval town.

Edged weapons require the same rules as firearms – they have to look ike post-war  weapons (rust, uneven blade, etc…). Even thought the game is set in Europe, we (with small exceptions) don’t allow medieval weapons.

What are the most common weapons in postapocalyptic world? All kinds of bats, poles, clubs or edged weapons made of various plates, road signs or car parts.

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