What to watch out for

We have couple of tips on what to avoid, to maintain high costume levels and keep the best atmosphere for players.  

Black colour is ok, but…

Using too much black doesn’t look very authentic. The colour black is typical for Shadowrun, cyberpunk or dark future concepts. The Fallout universe is more colourful thanks to the inspiration in retro style.

Please try to avoid full black complets. Black jacket is absolutely fine.

Military gear

Modern military gear such as police tactical vests, chests, modular rigs and other accessories are useful and practical, but we will be glad to see these elements on as few players as possible. 

Your character (probably) doesn’t have access to military gear, so it has to look for civilian alternatives. While you might be proud owner of modular rig and camel back, we’d rather see you with old backpack and old aluminium bottle. With too much military elements, the LARP is not so credibly. 

If it’s necessary for you, please mask it with something and make it blend with the rest of your costume.

If you want to have military-looking costume, use vintage 20´s-80´s gear.

Try to completely avoid modern camo sets like digital or woodland. You may use WWI/WWII or Cold War era (Britain, Germany, France, Russia and others) patterns

Flashlights and static lights

Again, the more vintage the better. We prefer to use older fleshlights. For safety reasons, we do not prohibit the use of modern luminaires.

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