World of Fallout LARP

Fallout LARP 2019 takes place in 2307 in Europe (not in the US, as we are used to from PC games) – two hundred and thirty years after the war. The universe of Fallout resembles our world, but in 1950’s, history has begun to evolve differently.  In 2077 the world was hit by nuclear apocalypse. What really happened back then is now insignificant and unknown to most of the New World population. Bombs are known to have fallen, but no one can remember who first started it.

After the war, nuclear winter took a palce for several long years, just to be replaced with radiation and F.E.V. – this pre-war virus has become the main source of mutations in the New World.

More than two centuries from the Big Fire, there is still a big lack of everything –  from food and water to medical supplies. Weapons and ammunition are, paradoxically, still widely available.

The cultural pre-war era style is now referred to as “atompunk” or “retropunk” and includes an alternative history of the 1930s-1960s. In our case, this style lasted until 2077. It is a time of advanced technological inventions from the mid-twentieth century point of view, as the people imagined it at that time.  

There is therefore no miniature digitized technology, no computers or systems as we know them today. There is no magic, but to a limited extend, you can come across androids, robots, and cyberware.

As has been said before, Fallout LARP takes place in Europe. The PC game did not include Europe, so we had to engage our own creativity. In this game, you will meet completely new communities, towns or legends. These, however, intermingle with generic factions of the Fallout University, such as the Brotherhood of Steel, Vault or Supermutans. This creates a vibrant and rich world that does not aim to copy Fallout series universe, but only builds on its foundations.

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